Inspiring curiosity and life-long learning


Our curriculum at Shine International Academy is based on the British National Curriculum but has been adapted and enhanced to better meet the needs of our individual learners and our international community.

Our curricular adaptations are designed to support and celebrate successes as well as build positively on strengths and interests.

We have adopted a rolling curricular plan so that an individual is always learning through different themes and experiences at a level which is appropriate to them.

The strengths of our curriculum are in its design and in its implementation. We are embedding a child-centred approach, supported by our therapists, while embracing educational concepts including: Blended Learning, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Art & Mathematics), Critical Thinking Skills and Project Based Learning.

Every individual is fully involved in the planning of their learning and the identification of their next steps.

As a progressive organisation, all our staff are committed to developing their own professional learning. We have regular professional dialogue as well as staff development meetings where we review and share our learning and the impact it has on our learners and our practice.

At Shine we make the most of our lovely climate on the Costa del Sol by having many of our learning experiences and opportunities take place in our gardens.

Along with the obvious health benefits, the natural space provides a more relaxing environment in which your child can learn, while enjoying the freedom and mindfulness of the outdoors.

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