The three academy directors came together through a shared vision to provide a modern and alternative educational provision for families on the Costa del Sol.

With many years of experience in our areas of expertise, and in a variety of countries, the team created Shine International Academy to celebrate the uniqueness of every learner through a progressive approach to meeting educational and therapeutic needs.

Our philosophy is one of collaboration; we have an ongoing commitment to meaningful partnerships with our learners, parents and professional partners where a ‘Circle of Positivity’ is created around each learner.

The purpose of the academy is to facilitate the growth of our learners’ self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing, as well as developing their learning and understanding through a truly personalised and supported experience.

Inclusivity is key to our philosophy and every child is encouraged to become a contributing member of our Shine family by participating fully in academy life. We aim, as a community, to respect and develop the strengths of our children while also supporting their areas of challenge.

When your children leave Shine International Academy, they do so with the skills, knowledge and understanding to embrace the next steps in their personal journey, and to be responsible and participative members of our diverse, multicultural and international society.

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